Maître Georgieva
Irina Georgieva Attorney

Fields of interference

  • The office is specialized in the following fields of interference:
  • Commercial law (help in the creation of a company legal defence and support)
  • Business law (advise and defence contract redaction)
  • Property legislation (defence and support within the purchase, the sale and the leasing of a property)
  • Trademark law (verification, entry and transfer)
  • Criminal law (assistance and defence of the victims of a financial fraud)

Lawyer Irina Georgieva

I have been working as a lawyer in our Sofia’s office from January 2006. I have finished my University studies in company and European law in Paris with a Master Degree 2. I am three lingual. I speak fluently Bulgarian, French and English and I am applying the law in these three languages. I am guiding and advising companies and persons in Bulgaria as well as in other countries from the European Union.

The clients are kept informed in advance about the type of service that they will receive, about the amount of the remuneration and the different ways of paying. The amount of the remuneration for lawyer’s work is defined by consulting the client and it depends on the factual and the legal complexity of the case. The criteria for defining the minimum amount of the remuneration is the text of Ordinance N: 1/2004 of the Supreme Board of the Lawyers.